Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Awesome Talented Husband

Dan has played guitar and sang since I met him. It's something I've always loved about him. He's always been good and he's even gotten better over time. I love sitting in the living room listening to him and sometimes attempting to sing with him. He is very good and he has no idea. He has always been very timid about playing in front of people even when I told him he should. Well.....I am sitting in traffic driving to my moms house from work last Saturday and get a call from my Dad. He is at Wings and Things in Sharpsburg and is holding the phone out asking me if I can hear. He has a friend, Tim, who plays all the time and has for years that was playing at Wings and Things that night. I couldn't hear well and was wondering why he was wanting me to hear so bad. IT WAS DAN! I couldn't believe he did get tricked. He thought Tim wanted him to get up there and just strum the guitar with him. Well, when Dan got up there Tim said here you go, I'm going to take a break. Dan was surprised to say the least, but he didn't make a scene, He just got up there and played! I was so upset I missed seeing this, but I'm so proud of Dan....Daddy held the phone up and I heard everyone clapping and cheering for him. So here's a pic of my hot, famous husband :)

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  1. WOW! That's awesome! Maybe he'll start doing it a little more often!