Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

We've had a great fall so far. Dan has come out of the woods from hunting long enough for us to go to Burts Pumpkin Farm, the Apple House, Trick-or-Treating, and a long drive through the mountains. Jake and I also made some yummy Halloween cookies (they tasted better than they looked)

This was the first house Jake trick-or-treated at. The lady opened the door and Jake proceeded to try and walk in her house, tripped over the door frame and tried to grab the candy out of her bowl. We had to quickly teach him halloween etiquitte.

Also, Dan's football team won their county football was awesome, they worked so hard for it.


  1. Yay!! Woo hoo!!! It's about time you started a blog girl! Keep up the postings and I'll make sure not to check it everyday per your request. I'll just be sad when there's nothing new! So glad we can see more pics of those busy boys!

  2. LOVE IT! The boys are so cute! Where the apple house?

  3. Glad to see you are joining the blogging world. It is so much fun! The boys are just adorable!