Monday, April 19, 2010

Catch up Time

I have downloaded about 500 pics off of my camera and I'm going to catch up...get ready for a lot of pictures
Snow Day 2010

Jakes Birthday at Monkey Joes

Easter 2010- We did an egg hunt at the church the day before Easter. Then we went down and stayed at my moms. The next morning the Easter Bunny came and one of the things he brought Jake was an Ironman toy that his Daddy loved (and picked out). One of the pics is of him being Ironman...he really gets into it, as you can tell. Then we went to my moms church, which we love and when we picked Jake up from Sundy school he said, "Jesus is alive!!" It's great to see him learning about Jesus and being excited. We then went over to cousin Marie's house and had a great time doing an egg hunt with all the cousins. Jake decided that it was more fun to sit down, open the eggs, and eat the candy than it was to hunt the eggs. Luke also enjoyed Easter...okay really he just liked playing in the fake grass that came in his Easter basket, but we were outside a lot and he loves that!

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